Scotland Policy Conferences

Next steps for Energy Efficient Scotland - decarbonising heat, building standards and economic impact

Morning, Wednesday, 19th September 2018

Central Edinburgh


This timely seminar will consider the next steps in implementing Scotland’s £54.5 million-funded Energy Efficient Route Map - including the latest announcement of £2 million - which sets out measures to make homes, businesses and public buildings more energy efficient.

The seminar takes place following the Government’s consultation on adding detail to the Route Map framework, and the Economy, Jobs and Fair Work Committee’s consultation on the potential role and remit of a Publicly Owned Energy Company - including a possible function as a coordinator of energy efficiency initiatives.

It will be an opportunity for delegates to examine the impact and priorities for improving energy efficiency in Scotland, particularly in the context of The Scottish Government’s long-term climate targets and also follows the introduction of the Fuel Poverty Bill to The Scottish Parliament.

Delegates will discuss the latest thinking on tackling the challenges in developing Local Heat and Energy Efficiency Strategies - including in promoting and supporting innovation, increasing collaboration and sharing best practice, and will consider lessons from Queens Quay District Heating Network.

They will also discuss potential ways for overcoming technical and regulatory challenges in the establishment of low carbon heating - including the likely impact on Scotland’s energy networks.

Further sessions will examine the roles of local authorities, designers and developers in decarbonising the built environment and improving energy efficiency standards - including the next steps in retrofitting and funding major projects - and will look at meeting The Scottish Government’s aims of tackling fuel poverty and making warmer, greener and more efficient buildings by supporting businesses and homeowners.


Guest of Honour

Paul Wheelhouse MSP

Minister for Energy, Connectivity and the Islands, The Scottish Government

Guest of Honour

Paul Wheelhouse MSP

Minister for Energy, Connectivity and the Islands, The Scottish Government

Keynote Speaker

Nicola Pitts

Head of Market Change, Gas, National Grid


Claudia Beamish MSP

Deputy Convenor, Cross-Party Group on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

Liam McArthur MSP

Convener, Cross-Party Group on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency


Matt Bridgestock

Director, John Gilbert Architects

Kathryn Dapré

Head of Engineering and Energy, NSS Health Facilities Scotland

Sam Illsley

Programme Manager, Scotland & Transport, Salix Finance

Jennifer Roberts

Scotland Programme Co-ordinator, Salix Finance

Ragne Low

Principal Knowledge Exchange Fellow, Centre for Energy Policy, University of Strathclyde

Paul O’Donnell

Development Director, Dawn Developments

Silke Isbrand

Policy Manager (Waste, Carbon and Climate Change), COSLA

James Lambert

Director, Sector Regulation, Competition and Markets Authority