Scotland Policy Conferences

Climate change policy in Scotland: implementing the Climate Change Act and assessing the route to net zero

Morning, Thursday, 23rd April 2020

Central Edinburgh


This conference will examine the next steps for climate change policy and its implementation

Delegates will discuss the practicalities and key steps in meeting the net zero goals set out in the Climate Change Act, following its passage through the Scottish Parliament.

Areas for discussion include:

  • Next steps and  longer-term priorities for government and stakeholders in meeting the net zero goals;
  • The challenges faced in pursuit of a just transition, with a particular focus on balancing competing interests in the move to a net zero economy;
  • Issues for key sectors - particularly energy - in reducing emissions, and the steps that will be necessary by industry, local government and others to move towards the new goals.


There will be a keynote contribution from: Professor Jim Skea, Chair, Just Transition Commission, Scottish Government, and Co-Chair of Working Group III (Mitigation) of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Further confirmed speakers include: Tom Ballantine, Stop Climate Chaos Scotland; Rebecca Bell, Scottish Carbon Capture & Storage; Dr Sam Gardner, Scottish Power; David Kelly, BRE Group; Gordon McIntosh, Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group; Nigel Miller, Farming for 1.5 Degrees Inquiry; Cllr Anna Richardson, Glasgow City Council; and Mike Tholen, Oil and Gas UK.

The chairs are: Claudia Beamish MSP, Member, Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Committee and Gillian Martin MSP, Convener, Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Committee.

The agenda

  • The vision for 2032 - next steps for policy to tackle climate change;
  • Balancing competing priorities: tackling climate change whilst addressing energy supply, affordability and support for Scotland’s economy;
  • The transition to a sustainable energy mix in Scotland;
  • Creating a just transition: promoting efficient, sustainable and inclusive economic approaches;
  • Sustainable investment, green finance and public-private collaboration; and 
  • Meeting net zero in key sectors: emission-efficient agriculture, construction and transport industries.

Keynote Speaker

Professor Rebecca Lunn

Deputy Chair, Royal Society of Edinburgh Energy Inquiry


Gillian Martin MSP

Convener, Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Committee


Cllr Anna Richardson

City Convener, Sustainability and Carbon Reduction, Glasgow City Council

James McKemey

Head of Insights, POD Point

Rebecca Bell

Policy & Research Officer, Scottish Carbon Capture & Storage

Dr Sam Gardner

Head, Climate Change and Sustainability, Scottish Power

Tom Ballantine

Chair, Stop Climate Chaos Scotland

Professor Jim Skea

Chair, Just Transition Commission and Co-Chair, Working Group III (Mitigation), Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

David Kelly

Director, BRE Group

Rebecca Bell

Policy & Research Officer, Scottish Carbon Capture & Storage

Claudia Beamish MSP

Member, Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Committee

Gordon McIntosh

Director, Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group

Nigel Miller

Co-chair, Farming for 1.5 Degrees Inquiry and Former President, National Farmers’ Union Scotland

Mike Tholen

Upstream Policy Director, Oil and Gas UK