Scotland Policy Conferences

Next steps for health and social care integration in Scotland

Morning, Tuesday, 3rd September 2019

Central Edinburgh


This seminar will bring together policymakers and key stakeholders to examine the next steps for the continuing integration of health and social care services in Scotland.

It follows reviews of the process from Audit Scotland and the Scottish Government’s Ministerial Strategic Group for Health and Community Care in their report Health and Social Care integration: progress review

With Audit Scotland calling for a stronger commitment to collaborative working amongst key stakeholders, delegates will assess the impact of proposals set out by the Ministerial Strategic Group - in the areas of  leadership, long term financial planning, governance, and external engagement - on meeting aims to improve and quicken the integration process.

Those attending will look at governance and accountability issues facing integrated authorities (IAs). It comes with calls for the accountability process to be streamlined, greater support for integration joint board chairs, and a greater understanding of where the responsibility for decisions lie.

They will also consider the long term financial strategies for IAs following a series of practical recommendations from the Ministerial Strategic Group.

Further sessions will consider the next steps for developing external engagement, particularly in ensuring the involvement of health practitioners, service users and the third sector in decision-making processes and delivery of care.

We expect further discussion on the challenges for integration in relation to the health and social care workforce - such as demographic change and the potential impact of Brexit.

Keynote Speakers

Dr Sophie Flemig

Member, Accounts Commission

Robbie Pearson

Chief Executive, Healthcare Improvement Scotland

Paul Edie

Chair, Care Inspectorate

Peter Macleod

Chief Executive, Care Inspectorate

Professor Pauline Weetman

Member, Accounts Commission


Gerry Power

Director of Integration, Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland (the ALLIANCE)

Dr Carey Lunan

Chair, Royal College of General Practitioners Scotland

Dr Donald Macaskill

Chief Executive, Scottish Care