Scotland Policy Conferences

Infrastructure in Scotland - the new strategy, investment, and the framework for delivery

Morning, Friday, 28th February 2020

Central Edinburgh


This conference will examine the priorities for infrastructure development in Scotland.

It will discuss the progress being made on the National Infrastructure Mission and is timed to examine the 30-year strategy for infrastructure development, following its expected publication by the Infrastructure Commission for Scotland (ICS).

As the Commission begins discussion on how to deliver the strategy, delegates will assess its proposals set against the aims of supporting Scotland to meet its future economic growth and societal needs.

They will also look at the practical steps which need to be taken to deliver the ICS proposals, including the creation of a Scottish National Infrastructure Company to support implementation.

The agenda includes keynote addresses from: Ian Russell, Chair, Infrastructure Commission for Scotland; Peter Reekie, Chief Executive, Scottish Futures Trust and a senior speaker from The Scottish Government.

Further confirmed speakers include: Alex Hynes, Scotland’s Railway; Fionna Kell, Homes for Scotland; Dr Deborah Long, Scottish Environment Link; Professor Simon Parsons, Scottish Water; Bill Scott, Poverty and Inequality Commission; Malcolm Warr, CNI Scotland; Cameron Warren, Highland Wireless; Craig Whelton, Burges Salmon; Paul White, CPT Scotland; and a senior speaker confirmed from Aberdeen City Council.

The chairs are Gillian Martin MSP, Convenor, Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Committee, The Scottish Parliament and Edward Mountain MSP, Convenor, Rural Economy and Connectivity Committee, The Scottish Parliament.

The agenda

  • Priorities for Scotland’s strategic infrastructure over the next 30 years;
  • Assessing the Infrastructure Commission’s recommendations - sustainability and growth across Scotland;
  • Next steps for the National Infrastructure Mission;
  • Ensuring value for money in infrastructure investment; and
  • Delivering Scotland’s infrastructure priorities - funding, collaboration and ensuring effective procurement.

Keynote Speakers

Ian Russell

Chair, Infrastructure Commission for Scotland

Peter Reekie

Chief Executive, Scottish Futures Trust

Keynote Speakers

Senior speaker confirmed from The Scottish Government

Ian Russell

Chair, Infrastructure Commission for Scotland

Peter Reekie

Chief Executive, Scottish Futures Trust


Alex Hynes

Managing Director, Scotland’s Railway

Paul White

Director, CPT Scotland

Malcolm Warr

Chair, CNI Scotland

Craig Whelton

Senior Associate, Burges Salmon

Fionna Kell

Director of Policy, Homes for Scotland

Bill Scott

Chair, Poverty and Inequality Commission