Scotland Policy Conferences

Older people’s wellbeing in Scotland - next steps following the Fairer Scotland for Older People framework

Morning, Wednesday, 15th January 2020

Central Edinburgh


This timely seminar brings together policymakers and key stakeholders to discuss the priorities for older people and their wellbeing in Scotland.

It will be an opportunity to assess the implementation of the A Fairer Scotland for Older People: framework for action as The Scottish Government prepares its first annual report on progress made since publication of the framework this year.

The seminar also follows the publication of A Connected Scotland, The Scottish Government’s first national strategy for tackling social isolation released December 2018.

Delegates will look at how to encourage greater intergenerational integration and promoting the role of older people in the community through tackling loneliness and supporting them in the workplace.

Following concerns from some in the sector on the provision of care services for older people, delegates will consider how to improve health and social care services.

This will look at:

  • The needs of the older community and how to give them a greater voice in service provision;
  • Workforce issues that the care sector faces;
  • Ensuring improvements in care are shared across Scotland, and assessing issues around tackling the disparity in quality of care for older people in different areas; and
  • New inspection methodology introduced following the quality frameworks released over the last two years for adults and older people.

Delegates will also examine the role of older people in the community. This will include looking at ways to promote intergenerational integration, tackle stigmatism and address the challenges of combating loneliness. The contribution of employment in tackling these issues will also be discussed, as well as how to ensure employers understand ageing to a greater degree.

Attendees will also assess the priorities in housing and transport for older people - including how to ensure that housing is more older people friendly in both appropriate design and place. There will also be discussion on housing and health integration as it affects older people.

Further sessions will look at the actions being taken in other jurisdictions to promote the services for and role of older people and what can be learnt from them.

Keynote Speaker

Christina McKelvie MSP

Minister for Older People and Equalities

Keynote Speakers

Christina McKelvie MSP

Minister for Older People and Equalities

Peter Macleod

Chief Executive, Care Inspectorate

Professor Judith Sixsmith

Professor, School of Nursing and Health Sciences, University of Dundee


Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP

Member, Health and Sport Committee

Christine Grahame MSP

Deputy Presiding Officer, The Scottish Parliament


Anne Callaghan

Campaign Manager for Scotland, The Campaign to End Loneliness

Lilian Macer

Co-chair, Fair Work Convention Inquiry into Social Care in Scotland

Bernadette Monaghan

Director, Community Empowerment and Equalities, Glasgow City Council

Dr Vikki McCall

Senior Lecturer, Housing studies, University of Stirling

Dr Sarah Jackson

Senior Research Fellow, Research Department of Behavioural Science and Health, University College London

Diana Findley

Chairperson, Scottish Older People’s Assembly