Scotland Policy Conferences

Early Years provision: expanding childcare, growing and diversifying the workforce, and the future for the Scottish National Standardised Assessments

Morning, Thursday, 12th March 2020

Central Edinburgh


This conference will examine the next steps for early years education in Scotland, focusing on child development in the early years including:

  • Expanding funded childcare - progress in implementation and its wider impact;
  • Developing the early years workforce - improving recruitment, diversifying the workforce, and supporting learning and development;
  • The future of Scottish National Standardised Assessments (SNSA) for P1 pupils - addressing concerns and implementation.


There will be keynote contributions from: Maree Todd MSP, Minister for Children and Young People and Jean Carwood-Edwards, Chief Executive, Early Years Scotland.

The agenda

  • Building a flexible and high-quality early years system;
  • Improving child development in Scotland: expanding funded childcare and addressing disadvantage;
  • Supporting, growing and diversifying the early years workforce - recruitment and staff development;
  • Key sector priorities and ensuring high quality provision;
  • The future for the Scottish National Standardised Assessments at P1; and
  • The next steps for the SNSA: addressing concerns and progress since the Independent Review.

Keynote Speaker

Maree Todd MSP

Minister for Children and Young People

Keynote Speakers

Maree Todd MSP

Minister for Children and Young People

Jean Carwood-Edwards

Chief Executive, Early Years Scotland


Dr Geetha Marcus

Senior Lecturer, Psychology, Sociology and Education Division, Queen Margaret University

Peter McCleod

Chief Executive, Care Inspectorate

Sue Palmer

literacy specialist and Chair, Upstart Scotland

Kenny Spence

Project Manager, Men in Childcare

Khadija Mohammed

Senior Lecturer, School of Education, University of the West of Scotland and Member, Working Group for Diversity in the Teaching Profession

Eileen Prior

Executive Director, Connect